Young Scientist Medal

Introduced on the initiative of CAS, the Medal is a form of distinction awarded to young scientists for their outstanding achievements in science and technical innovation as well as other creative achievements.

Piotr Achinger, PhD

Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Awarded the Young Scientist Medal on 25 June 2019 for his breakthrough development of research in the field of topology of algebraic varieties and its applications.

Micha┼é Gr─ůt, PhD

Medical University of Warsaw

Awarded Young Scientist Medal on December 10, 2018 for developing new criteria for liver transplantation and introducing them into clinical practice as the so-called "Warsaw Criteria".

Krzysztof Szerenos, PhD

Department of Magnetics Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Białystok

Awarded the Medal of the Young Scientist on 10 April 2018 for the discovery of the method of ultrafast photomagnetic recording.

Łukasz Albrecht, PhD

Lodz University of Technology

Awarded the Medal of the Young Scientist on 22 March 2016 for the development of new methods of synthesis of biologically important compounds with the use of chiral organic catalysts.

Przemysław Wojciech Wachulak, PhD, DSc

Military University of Technology, Institute of Optoelectronics

Awarded the Young Scientist Medal on 23 March 2015 for developing new imaging methods for extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray radiation.

Szymon Kozłowski, PhD

University of Warsaw; Faculty of Physics; Astronomical Observatory
Photo Szymon Kozłowski, PhD

Was awarded the Young Scientist Medal in 2014 for his innovative method of identification and the discovery of hundreds of quasars beyond the Magellanic Clouds.